David Johns


I am a creative/director/editor/designer living in New South Wales, Australia.

I care about experience. I care about storytelling, sound design, intuitive layout, genuinely inspiring ideas and the technology to make all of them come to life. I not only have a thirst for knowledge of emerging technology, but I strive to bring it into the creative arena. I am always looking for new ways to mash, destroy, hack and build new experiences. I have a passion for music and visual arts. I can help you out with motion graphics and directing content. 

 I own a pretty impressive collection of ties and I’m very picky about my coffee.

Creative Concepting

Unsurprisingly, I like to start at the beginning. Generating a solution from scratch before pen is put to paper, before the first open bracket or before the camera is on is exciting.

It's the big ideas that get me fired up. The understanding of the inital issue will always mean that the final output we create will be effective.

Video Production

Video has become one of the principal devices for getting an idea across. Story telling, education and inspiration all rely on the visual element.

I can help you with that.

· Video Editing
· Motion Graphics
· Sound Design and mix
· Directing

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Anything else?

I play bass in a band and I've got a real passion for VR gaming.

If you want to collaborate on crafting amazing experience for people – you are very welcome to contact me.

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David Johns

Creative Director 
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