Drawing Arrows :: This Space Between

This music clip video employs the use of a Snoricam rig to give the feel of a first-person view within an unfolding story.

Maizy Coombes, Gantanter Singh Gill, Sidney Espinosa, Haydn Tomlinson, Tom Moyle, David Johns
Murrey Dilger, Marshall Cullen
Nathan Rathsam, David Johns
Damien Gerard Studios
Foghorn Group
Listen to 'This Space Between' - ffm.to/thisspacebetween
Find out more - drawingarrows.com

Village Roadshow/Warner Brothers :: The Conjuring 2 Mirror Prank

For the Australian home release of The Conjuring 2, Village Roadshow wanted a promotional video that would work a lot harder than simply a repurposed trailer.

The film already had a lot going for it as Australia’s biggest horror film to date. But how could we get more people to know just how frightening the movie really was

We set up a simple prank in the green room of a private screening of the film. People who had just watched the ghoulish nun terrorise Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga now had to wait in a room alone before an interview that never happened.

The clip we definitely a viral hit. With over 1.5 million views on Village Roadshow’s YouTube channel  and countless shares and re-edits across social media by Mashable, Buzzfeed, hollywood.com, Shock Mansion, Pedestrian TV, Gizmodo, SBS, 9GAG, FHM, LadBible, UniLad, Daily Mail and a lot more.

Be one of the 100 million people to watch this clip and make sure you watch to the very end.

Australian Rugby Foundation

This is a promotional video 60sec ad for the Australian Rugby Foundation. They are a not-for-profit organisation and the Official Foundation for Australian Rugby dedicated to supporting Rugby in Australia from the grassroots to the gold jersey.

This project included direction, compositing and video editing and audio editing.

Vicinity Centres :: Give Joy Campaign

This cute little project required three seperate pieces of content. Based on couples, friends and families. This was used in-store, social and TVCs