Client : Village Roadshow / Warner Brothers
Agency : Full Sway

For the Australian home release of The Conjuring 2, Village Roadshow wanted a promotional video that would work a lot harder than simply a repurposed trailer.

The film already had a lot going for it as Australia’s biggest horror film to date. But how could we get more people to know just how frightening the movie really was.

We set up a simple prank in the green room of a private screening of the film. People who had just watched the ghoulish nun terrorise Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga now had to wait in a room alone before an interview that never happened.

The clip we definitely a viral hit. With over 1.5 million views on Village Roadshow’s YouTube channel  and countless shares and re-edits across social media by Mashable, Buzzfeed,, Shock Mansion, Pedestrian TV, Gizmodo, SBS, 9GAG, FHM, LadBible, UniLad, Daily Mail and a lot more.

Be one of the 100 million people to watch this clip and make sure you watch to the very end.